baby potato, Fingerling Type, Gourmet, High Set, Red Skinned, Yellow Fleshed

Introducing Cerisa; a favourite in Europe and for good reason! Cerisa is a gourmet specialty variety with a slightly firmer cooking texture and excellent delicate nutty flavour. Cerisa produces a very high number of smaller elongated baby potatoes. It grows well in gardens, raised beds and containers alike.

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Variety country of origin: France

NEW Introduction in 2018!

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Cerisa is an elongated baby potato variety producing high numbers of smaller tubers per hill. Space whole seed potatoes approximately 25-30 cm (10″-12″) apart. Cerisa is a mid-season variety maturing in about 85-95 days.  This variety is excellent for growing in containers and gardens. It will grow well even in smaller pots or grow bags.

Cooking Applications

Cerisa has a moderately high dry matter content and is a firmer cooking type with a delicate nutty flavour. The cooking quality and taste are excellent of this smaller tuber. Use Cerisa for oven roasting, potato salads & pan-frying.


Approximately 5 months at 6 degrees Celsius.

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