Snow Finger

Fingerling Type, Gourmet, High Set, White Fleshed

Snow Finger is a delicious white-fleshed fingerling variety that produces high numbers of small to medium sized fingerling potatoes. This variety matures early and grows very well in containers – even small containers! The plant of Snow Finger provides beautiful accent greenery on a deck or patio as you wait for these little gems to mature. Now you can “have your plant…and eat its fruit too.”

EarthApples are sold in 1 kg boxes 

Number of Snow Finger per 1kg:  15-17 seed potatoes


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Variety country of origin: Netherlands

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Snow Finger is a fingerling variety producing high numbers of medium to large tubers per hill. Space whole seed potatoes approximately 25-30 cm (10″-12″) apart. Snow Finger is an early harvest variety that matures in about 75-85 days. When grown in containers it can mature faster. This variety is excellent for growing in all sizes of containers and also does well in gardens where it can grow larger tubers. Give adequate nutrients at planting time. Especially Nitrogen.

Cooking Applications

Snow Finger has moderately dry matter content. It is fairly firm cooking and has a soft delicate taste. Use similarly as you would with other fingerling varieties. Snow Finger is excellent tasting and is great for grilling, roasting, potato salads, pan-frying and boiling.


Approximately 5 months at 6 degrees Celsius. Snow Finger potatoes sometimes show soft tips called “sugar ends” which is when the sugars in the new potato have not completly turned into starch. Proper plant nutrition helps to mitigate this problem.

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