Early Harvest, Gourmet, High Yield, Red Skinned, Yellow Fleshed

Rosara is a gorgeous rose-coloured potato with outstanding light golden flesh. This proven northern hearty variety is versatile and easy to grow in most soil types and is an excellent choice for scab prone soils. It’s smooth, buttery-but-firm cooking texture, is perfect for making stews and soups or can simply be boiled with a little bit of butter and salt. Not much effort is needed to enjoy the traits of this remarkable potato.


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Variety country of origin: Germany

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Space whole seed potatoes approximately 25-30 cm (10″-12″) apart. This early season variety is ready in about 85 days. It grows high yields in both containers and gardens and has very good resistance to common scab. Give adequate nutrients at planting time.

Cooking Applications

Rosara is a versatile firm cooking type potato with outstanding culinary qualities. It has smooth – slightly waxy – cooking texture and is perfect for a wide range of uses such as boiling, stews & soups, salads, mashing and scalloped.


Approximately 6 months at 6 degrees Celsius.

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