Pink Gypsy

Cream Fleshed, dry floury texture, Gourmet, High Yield, Mid Season, Oval Shaped

Pink Gypsy is an exciting new variety with artistic dual coloured red and yellow skin. This unique variety originates from Scotland and features delicate white floury flesh that is perfect for boiling baking, wedges, mashing and roasting. Pink Gypsy grows high yields and works well in containers and gardens. 

EarthApples are sold in 1 kg boxes

Number of Pink Gypsy per 1kg:  10-12 seed potatoes


New for 2024!

Variety country of origin: Scotland

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Space whole seed potatoes approximately 25-30 cm (10″-12″) apart. This mid-season variety is ready in about 95 days. It grows high yields of medium to large potatoes in both containers and gardens. It has very good all-around disease resistance including good resistance to common and powdery scab. Give adequate nutrients at planting time.

Cooking Applications

Pink Gypsy is considered a general purpose cooking variety best suited for boiling, baking, roasting and mashing. This variety works great cubed for use in stews, soups and curries and can be used for delicious mashed potatoes and potato wedges as well. It has a slightly floury flesh texture when cooked. The unique two-toned skin tends to fade when boiled.


Approximately 6 months at 6 degrees Celsius.

Proudly Canadian