dry floury texture, High Yield, Mid Season, Oval Shaped, Yellow Fleshed

Melody is a great all around container and garden variety. This delicious yellow fleshed variety grows high yields of round oval, smooth-skinned potatoes. Melody has excellent resistance to common scab, is heat and drought tolerant and is one of the best long term storage varieties.

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Number of Melody per 1kg:  10-12 seed potatoes


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Variety country of origin: Netherlands

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Space whole seed potatoes approximately 25-30 cm (10″-12″) apart. This variety matures late-season and is ready in about 100-110 days. It is an excellent garden and container variety that shows very good resistance to common scab, and is also heat and drought tolerant. Give adequate nutrients at planting time.

Cooking Applications

Melody is a somewhat mealy textured potato and a good all around general purpose cooking variety. It works  well for boiling, mashing, and baking.


Excellent long term storage variety! Approximately 7 months at 6 degrees Celsius.

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