Lady Amarilla

dry floury texture, Mid Season, Yellow Fleshed

Lady Amarilla produces deep yellow fleshed potatoes perfect for making crispy golden home-made fries! This larger garden variety also works well as a delicious baker potato for those late summer BBQ’s. Lady Amarilla is best suited for the garden where it has room to grow big.

EarthApples are sold in 1 kg boxes.

Number of Lady Amarilla per 1kg:  10-12 seed potatoes


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Variety country of origin: Netherlands

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Lady Amarilla is a mid-season maturing variety. Plant whole (or cut) seed potatoes in mid-May for a late August harvest. 90-105 days till maturity. This variety produces larger elongated potatoes. Space 30-36cm  (12″- 14″) apart. This variety is better suited for gardens where they have the space to grow bigger.

Cooking Applications

Lady Amarilla has excellent frying qualities making it perfect for home-made fries and chips. Even after long term storage, the frying qualities will remain consistent and produce good quality fries. It is also ideally suited as a yellow baker potato due to its floury texture and can also be used to make a delicious deep-yellow mashed potato dish.


Very good storage variety. Approximately 7 months at 6 degrees Celsius.

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