Little Giant

Little Giant
baby potato, High Set, Oval Shaped, Yellow Fleshed

Little Giant; the name says it all! This variety produces high numbers of beautiful red skinned baby potatoes with delicious yellow flesh. Colourful, flavourful and perfectly shaped for a delicious oven roasted dish.

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Variety country of origin: Netherlands

Planting, maturity and harvest times

Little Giant is a medium maturing variety due to its high-set per hill. Plant in mid-May for a late-August harvest. This variety does not get big and will produce many smaller – slightly elongated – potatoes. Little Giant grows best when planted in  gardens and larger raised beds. 85-95 days till maturity. Space 25 cm (10”) apart. If planting in containers, plant 30-36cm (12″- 14″) apart. (See also variety CERISA)

Little Giant has a good resistance to scab. It is slightly sensitive to early blight so ensure it gets some extra nutrients/fertilizer about 5-6 weeks after planting.

Cooking Applications

Little Giant is known for its excellent nutty flavoured taste! This small, firm cooking salad type potato is ideally suited for oven roasting and boiling. No peeling required. Its bright red skin adds a wonderful splash of colour to any dish.


Good storage variety. Stores approximately 6 months at 6 degrees Celsius.

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